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I love the idea of open source, web-presence, communication, & making things work. When not giving anything back to community, I enjoy photography, swimming, movies.
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SPIFFE Implementation With SPIRE and OIDC Setup

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As a solution architect, I'm excited to share my thoughts on two important frameworks in the world of technology - SPIFFE and SPIRE. These frameworks have been gaining popularity in last few years, and they play a crucial role in zero trust and ensuring the security and privacy of data in various industries.

Azure Design Tools

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In this article I like to give you an overview about resources that helps you to visualize and document your Azure cloud solutions and environments.

Shapes and icon sets

Azure Design Visio VSSX

David Summers started an "Azure Icon Design project" to collect icons in Visio format (VSSX).

Run IBM Datapower Gateway IDG-10.0.0 on Docker

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To build your IBM DataPower Docker image, you must develop the application's configuration. The easiest method is in the Docker containers on your workstation.

Before you begin

Before you can build and deploy a DataPower Docker application you must create an export package that