I'm Ashwani Kumar.
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Coz it's a best way to keep your brain juicy.

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I love the idea of open source, web-presence, communication, & making things work. When not giving anything back to community, I enjoy photography, swimming, movies.
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HAProxy for Load Balancing

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This post is about some setup required for HAProxy

HAProxy can balance requests between any application that can handle HTTP or even TCP requests.

PowerShell Script to Parse Multiple Robocopy Log Files

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Recently came across a problem of parsing a robocopy logs at work. I found this helpful script, so reblogging for my future reference.

This is a PowerShell script that can be used to parse multiple Robocopy log files.

How to Use Angular-Datatables

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This post is about quick demo of angularjs + datatables usage. I am not gonna write too much theory, So here I will give only code snippet below.