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I love the idea of open source, web-presence, communication, & making things work. When not giving anything back to community, I enjoy photography, swimming, movies.
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Convert Swagger or OpenAPI Specs to Spring Boot REST API

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What is Swagger? Swagger allows you to describe the structure of your APIs so that machines can read them. The ability of APIs to describe their own structure is the root of all awesomeness in Swagger.

  1. Open https://editor.swagger.io/
  2. Select File -> Import URL
  3. Enter any of these URL and you would be able to see compelete spec in a clearly understandable format.

Python vs Java - Uses, Performance, Learning

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Python vs. Java: Uses, Performance, Learning

In the world of computer science, there are many programming languages, and no single language is superior to another.
In other words, each language is best suited to solve certain problems, and in fact there is often no one best language to choose for a given programming project.
For this reason, it is important for students who wish to develop software or to solve interesting problems through code to have strong computer science fundamentals that will apply across any programming language.

Symbols Used in Architecture Diagrams

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Sometime back I was looking for these standard #symbols to demonstrate level of change for each system and interface.
The key to the symbols used in attached to each of the overall #technical #architecture #diagrams and a full definition is given in this article.