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Google 2FA With OpenVPN on AWS

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OpenVPN Google authenticator setup
How to enable Google Authenticator**

The Access Server supports the Google Authenticator multi-factor authentication system, but it is not enabled by default. It can be enabled globally via the admin web service (AS 2.7.4 and older) or via the .Authentication" section (AS 2.7.5 and newer)

Open VPN With LetsEncrypt Certificate

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LetsEncrypt HTTPS Certificates for OpenVPN AS (Access Server)

So you want secure transport using ssl certificate for your openvpn Access server ( the admin GUI) To load a new HTTPS certificate for OpenVPN AS (Access Server), you.ll want to use the ./usr/local/openvpn_as/scripts/confdba command. This can be combined with a Lets Encrypt client to obtain free a HTTPs certificate for the AS web server.

Proxies Explained or Demystified

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Proxy is Essentially, a middle man. When dealing with computers the concept is largely the same. A web proxy is simply a bit of software that will relay a HTTP request for you.

This post is about - Proxies Made Easy or as my good friend at very good security say - "Proxies Demystified.."

What is a Proxy

HTTP Proxies are an essential component when using the internet day to day - load balancers, routers, content