Free Feedback Form Using Github

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Hi Friends,
I could not write anything for last few weeks, had been busy with usual chores and a weekend project with my brother(about which you will come to know, when we bring it to a better shape).

But I am back , and would try to be consistent.


This post is to let you know a little trick that I am gonna start following, many of you may already be following it.

Ever wanted to have your users contact you for random issues, or just let them contact you for their queries, and you have to create a contact_us or feedback page. Well I would like to share with you , what I had found, a neat little trick which uses github repo as a feedback page.

Go ahead have a look, click on the button and leave me a feedback or queries or questions, I would try to answer them as quickly as I can.

Leave me feedback

Or click this url:

Why Github Repo??
So I can keep track of what I have been doing, and addressing your concerns as well.

That’s it folks. Catch you soon.