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Yeah Guys, I had a Chat with GOD, over a cup of coffee.At last my most sought after dream came true.I was sitting in front of the preeminent,which made me feel invulnerable,gratified and made my heart content.But then I was a quintessential human,always asking for more,I had a list of unanswered and perplexed questions,which vexes me since they happened to me.

I asked him, why when I was left with only two marble balls, I lost them to my friend "Chotu”?

Why dint he let me in college always, at least there I was not bothered about the deadlines?

Why he can't give me everything?

Why the little girl begging on the road can't go to school instead?

What is that makes him incapable of maintaining the equilibrium among people?

I asked him, whether he also "Google" to know about the Sins and Good deeds of a person, or he just picks someone randomly and punishes or praises him?

Does he wear spectacles ?

Whether he maintains everyone’s database of good deeds, sins, behavior, morality, virtue etc. Like we keep data in oracle 11G these days?

Could he ask Microsoft to fix all the bugs in MS office 2007, I need to present a project report the next morning and I have MS2007 installed in my personal PC. And in office you know that NSS Guys turn up after two days.

Does he also have fun like us, like we go to office, check mails, have coffee, pay pending Bills, watch the cricket score, read news etc, etc… Then before leaving we finish work also.

When I asked him, do you know anything about KABIRA ?

He dint show much interest. Well, I could not tell him also, what KABIRA is?

GOD listened to me very sedately,For once I was scared that I may transgress my limits. But then my fear vanished into thin air, when he gave me a smile of the Earth. As if he was amused by my questions and wanted to hide his excitement to answer my questions.

At last he lost his patience and decided to talk to me.He said, Do you remember one day, how a poor person along the roadside in a makeshift house, brilliantly arranged the shredded sheet to cover up the roof, when the sudden rain poured in.I said yes.He asked what I felt that day. {Actually I thanked GOD that day. That I was not in that condition and told myself that when this poor person can be content in this misery, why I can’t be happy with what all I have.}

Before I could come back and answer, GOD said "you have everything that you need for living happily, and whenever someone needs anything I always consider.

He said "Don't feel bad if I answer you late, but be happy that you don’t have much to ask for. Live the moment, feel the rain drops, praise the cup of coffee, go out and watch the moon, feel the fresh snow melting in ur mouth( whenever you can of course), turn on the music u like, These all things I have made for all of you. Reach out to your loved ones, make new friends."

While sipping the brilliantly made coffee, we were havin fun chattin with each other. Suddenly GOD asked me something, Guess what…

Don't you wanna go office today ??

Wake up son. It’s a beautiful day waiting for you.

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