Shell Commands Explained Like Never Before

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Idan Kamara has came up with a very intriguing and useful tool Explain Shell. He has created a cool web app which explains any Shell Command visually. You give a shell command and it will tell you what the each option does. This makes understanding the complex looking commands very easier.

Explain Shell Image

It becomes a bit tedious for a very long complex command like this though. But I would overlook that given the awesomeness of this tool and the fact that you can click on the commands to get the MAN pages helps.

For e.g. If you click on tar as in the following screenshot, you will get the MAN pages of tar. Explain Shell tar command Image

Explain Shell Man Page Image


  1. Its Open-source. Find the source code here
  2. It has simple beautiful interface.
  3. You can log issues here


I don't Mind any. :)

I hope this would help many of us. Kudos and my best wishes to the developer.

-Ashwani Kumar Via HackerNews

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