BroPages a Readable Supplement to Man Pages

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A little while ago , I shared an amazing tool with all of you , Explain Shell.

Today I came across another good resource for the *nix programmers. And it’s called , bro pages. Just like man pages,but with readable examples to the commands.

Have a look at the following example command from your terminal, after you install bro pages.

        Command#> bro tar
        # Create a tar archive
        tar -cf archive.tar file1 file2 ... fileN
        # Create a tar gzipp'd archive
        tar -zcf archive.tar.gz file1 file2 ... fileN
        # Create multi-part tar archives from a directory
        tar cf - /path/to/directory|split -bM - archive.tar
        # Extract all files from a tar archive
        tar -xf archive.tar
        # Extract all files from a tar gzipped archive
        tar -zxf archive.tar.gz
        # Extract one file from a tar archive
        tar -xf archive.tar the_one_file
        # Lists all files in a tar archive
        tar -tf archive.tar

You can find more examples here.

Or better why don’t you install it and give a try. Installation is super easy with just one command: “gem install bropages”

You need Ruby 1.8.7+ installed on your machine though for this to work.

You can add your own examples of commands to bro pages by using: bro add curl

You can vote up and down for the commands examples by using: bro thanks to upvote (2) bro …no to downvote (0) This way, people will see the most rates command examples first with highest votes.

I personally feel, this is a good idea. You should also check it out.

That all folks.

Thanks for reading this far.